Ryan Phillippe and Juliette Lewis star in new drama ‘Secrets and Lies’ on ABC

With a day filled of cancellations, it is always nice to talk about future series that we may enjoy down the road. One of the latest series to get an order from ABS is a new drama starring Ryan Philippe and Juliette Lewis called “Secrets and Lies.”
The show is based on a very popular Australian series, that version stars Martin Henderson. The U.S. show will follow the same path, picking up when a father (played Phillippe) becomes the leading suspect in the murder of a young boy. Philippe’s character is the one to find the boy’s body, and the show picks up from there.
Costarring in the series is Juliette Lewis, and the series is part of an ABC Studios/Kapital Entertainment production. The network has a lot of faith in the crime-drama, already requesting 10-episodes so far. Other shows that will begin in the late 2014 and 2015 seasons are the much talked about Astronaut Wives Club, The Club, Marvel’s Agent Carter, How to Get Away With Murder, Forever and American Crime.

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