Nvidia and Valve tease a Half-Life 2 release for the NVIDIA Shield

Just a few days after Nvidia put a release date on the Android version of ‘Portal,’ the company is back teasing another Valve masterpiece, this time from the ‘Half-Life’ series. Valve and Nvidia have been in the gift-teasing mood of late, the first being a mysterious cake delivery for the before mentioned launch of Portal for Android, while today’s delivery is a SWEET crowbar, riddled with clues.
Although the crowbar pretty much speaks for itself; with the Nvidia green branding, ‘Half-Life 2’ logo, the SHIELD logo and the words “What would Gordon do?” I would amiss if I didn’t just say that the Nvidia SHIELD will be getting a ‘Half-Life 2’ port soon.
The two companies stopped short of giving a specific release date for the port and there wasn’t any mention of pricing, but rest assured that we will be keeping a very close eye on any developments. In my recent review of the Portal for Android port, I spoke about the high-quality that the SHIELD had to offer, and I only have high-hopes for ‘Half Life 2’, one of Valve’s most popular gaming titles of all time.

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