Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix to star in the next untitled Woody Allen film

Hollywood can not get enough of Emma Stone and for good reason, the actor has appeared in countless box-office draws including the current box-office leader ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2.’ Now Stone will appear in the next Woody Allen project, which is still untitled at this point, across from Joaquin Phoenix.
Though it hasn’t been confirmed, almost everyone expects Allen to once again write, direct and produce the film. This isn’t to be confused with Allen’s next releasing film ‘Magic in the Moonlight,’ which is now in post, though that film does also feature Emma Stone. Working with a small troupe of the same actors has always been a characteristic of Allen’s work, and we are sure many fans will like to see Stone star in another high-profile film.
All three names attached to this film have been on a successful streak this past year. Joaquin is coming off his incredible performance in ‘Her,’ Emma Stone has Spider-Man 2 like we mentioned before, and Allen’s latest film to release ‘Blue Jasmine,’ nabbed an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Cate Blanchett. More information on the plot, supporting cast and a possible timeframe for the film’s release will be revealed as the project moves further along in production.

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