Google Maps gets new features, more improvements for both Android and iOS users

Google has released a new version of Google Maps, the popular go-to application for finding locations, getting directions and overall exploration of any city. There are quite a few enhancements to the application, including an improved navigation UI for instructions, better search options and easier connection to other apps.
One of the those apps that is now integrated with Google Maps is Uber, the popular cab-alternative company. The new update is already available on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.
Users will have the opportunity to test out new features that make it easier to choose alternate routes, without having to backtrack through the initial Google Maps steps like before. There are also more offline-features, allowing you to save information that you search about a city or local, and then have that information readily available offline. This would be terrific if you are traveling and want to keep your roaming fees or data-usage amounts down, or if you will be somewhere that you know has spotty coverage. Now you can simply find the maps, directions or details on wifi, then have it ready when you are on the road again without coverage.
Other helpful additions are new filters, making it easier to find places to eat, shop or play. You can even filter those results to more finer points, like price or rating. The “last train home” option shows night-owls in the city when they have to leave, so don’t get stuck somewhere overnight, a particular worry sometimes in NYC.

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