FOX orders Gotham to series, releases first-look trailer

FOX confirmed earlier today that it has ordered ‘Gotham’ to series, despite the fact that the show hasn’t premiered. The show has been building up quite a fanbase however as it moves closer to an eventual release. The series itself will focus, not on Batman or Bruce Wayne, but instead on the Detective James Gordon. That detective will eventually grow up to be Commissioner Gordon, who works with the Dark Knight as the head of the GCPD.
Ben McKenzie (Southland) took the lead role of Gordon, other stars like Jada Pinkett Smith will play villains like Pinkett’s Fish Mooney. Fans will get to see Bruce Wayne, though he will still be a child at this point in the story.

The Penguin (played by Robin Lord Taylor), Catwoman (played by Camren Bicondova), the Riddler and more will make their way into Gotham as the series moves forward. Entertainment Weekly released the first trailer, showing one of the first times Gordon meets Bruce Wayne, after the horrific murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

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