Once Upon A Time ‘Kansas’ tonight, Mary Margaret’s baby, Dorothy comes to OZ

ABC has a lot of irons in the fire with their popular fantasy-series ‘Once Upon a Time,’ and fans won’t want to miss tonight’ new episode titled ‘Kansas.’ The new episode has a lot going on, Mary Margaret is in labor and because of it, the residents of Storybrooke are on high alert in an attempt to ensure that Zelena doesn’t try to steal her newborn baby for use in her ultimate game plan to turn back time and change her destiny. A move that will also remove Regina’s existence from the timeline.
Meanwhile, in the land of Oz of the past, Glinda tries to convince Zelena to fight her evil tendencies and join her and her sister witches as a protector of Oz. “But the appearance of a young girl from Kansas could turn out to be her undoing,” teases ABC on the new episode, set to premiere at 8:00-9:00 p.m., ET.
The new episode ”Kansas” was written by Andrew Chambliss & Kalinda Vazquez and directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton. Guest starring are Lee Arenberg as Leroy/Grumpy, David Anders as Dr. Whale, Raphael Sbarge as Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket, Rebecca Mader as Zelena, Gabe Khouth as Mr. Clark/Sneezy, Sunny Mabrey as Glinda, Sean Maguire as Robin Hood, Jason Burkart as Little John, Sharon Taylor as Witch of East, Karen Holness as Witch of North and Matreya Scarrwener as Dorothy.
“Once Upon a Time” stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret, Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan, Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen/Regina, Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/David, Emilie de Ravin as Belle, Colin O’Donoghue as Hook, Michael Raymond-James as Baelfire/Neal Cassidy, Jared S. Gilmore as Henry Mills and Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold.

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