Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield makeout for SNL, sort of

If there is one celebrity couple that honestly looks too perfect on-screen and off, it’s Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. The duo can be seen everywhere together, from charity work promoting their Spider-man franchise, to just being adorable on the streets of our fair NYC, the two never seem off-kilter . Last night was Andrew Garfield’s first time hosting SNL, but he brought along a lot of help to make it memorable.
Although Garfield had some terrific skits, including one where he talks bad about Beyonce which threatens his very existence, it was when Garfield wore the Spider-Man suit and took the stage with Emma Stone that he looked the most comfortable. The duo were pretending to shoot their first kissing scene, and as a twist they learn how amazingly difficult it is. That’s when Coldplay‘s Chris Martin decided to step in, and offered his professional assistance in the matter.

Martin was on hand with his band Coldplay as the musical guest for the night, singing “Magic” and “A Sky Full of Stars” for fans.

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