Pretty Little Liars season five trailer shows the possible fate of Ezra Fitz

Look away #PLL nation, there are possible spoilers ahead. ABC Family has released the Season Five trailer of the popular series ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and it has a few key moments that fans won’t want to miss if they don’t mind a few hints at the future of the cast. At the end of season four Twitter exploded as all of us were left to guess if Ezra Fitz (played by Ian Harding) would live or die after he was shot during the season four finale.
The show isn’t giving away who the shooter was (thank goodness) but the question of whether or not Fitz will live or die seems to be answered. Though in the hospital, it seems that unresponsive Ezra might be out for awhile, giving everyone a chance to find out who is behind the shooting and unraveling the mystery of “A” smf his/her identity.
In the trailer Emily (played by the wonderful Shay Mitchell says, “Once Ezra tells us who ‘A’ is, this will finally be over.” The biggest tease comes at the end when Ezra whispers something to Aria (our favorite Lucy Hale) at the end of the trailer and we don’t know what was said.

Obviously the season five premiere can’t come fast enough as we wait for the June 10 summer.

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