HBO adds Will Yun Lee to the final season of True Blood as a guest star

The final season of True Blood is almost here, just a few weeks worth of summer and the season seven will attempt to wrap-up all of the story’s loose-ends. HBO has now chosen actor Will Yun Lee as a guest star on the final season, with a story arc that will span several episodes. Though the details of Will Yun Lee’s character are being kept under wraps, HBO did release a few pictures of the upcoming season earlier today.
As of right now we know that Will Yun Lee will come to the show as Gus, a current Texas resident with ties to Japan. If Will looks familiar, you probably recognize him from one of his more recent films, ‘The Wolverine,’ which of course starred Hugh Jackman as the menacing comic book hero.

Will has been in several large films before, and is also lending his voice to the highly anticipated video-game ‘Batman Arkham Knights’. As for the final season of True Blood, you will have to wait until June 22 to get the full story on ‘Gus’ the secretive cowboy.

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