Lily James will not return to Downton Abbey next season

Sad news for the cast and fans of ‘Downton Abbey,’ actor Lily James will not be able to stay on the series, do to a scheduling conflict. When the show returns next season, the period drama will have to do so without the popular British star. James has played the role of Lady Rose MacClare for the last two years on the show, but filming for the next season will not fit in her schedule.
In her contract are specific promotional stipulations, this is for the upcoming live-action blockbuster “Cinderella,” and James is set to star as Cinderella herself. The film won’t release until Spring 2015, but marketing the movie around the world, on cable-outlets, the internet and at Disney locations will not allow James the time she needs to shoot for Downton Abbey.
If you are worried about her fate, “Downton Abbey” producers are not planning on killing her off, she will just be written out for a brief time so that if she can come back to the series, she will be able to. in the future.

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