A new trailer for ‘Girl Meets World,’ confirms a June premiere date and early access to the premiere

Disney has finally set a premiere date for the long-awaited return of Cory and Topanga, the duo are still in love and now raising a family. The popular couple are returning to television in just a matter of weeks, as the follow-up series to ‘Boy Meets World’ is set to premiere in late June.
An entire new generation of kids and pre-teens will watch “Girl Meets World,” and Disney announced earlier today that the new series will premiere on Friday, June 27. The series stars both Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, who played the original couple Cory and Topanga. If that wasn’t enough to make your Friday brighter, Disney also released a new trailer for “GMW” centered around Riley Matthews, who is Cory and Topanga’s young daughter and the star of the new series.

We should add that verified users of Disney’s official streaming site, called “Watch Disney Channel,” will have the chance to see the series premiere as early as May 21, and iTunes will offer a free download on June 13 for those can download it. “Girl Meets World” premieres Friday, June 27, at 9:45 p.m. EDT on Disney Channel.

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