Nvidia offers custom PC to promote the charity of former worker, and fallen hero

Less than a year after his death, the family and friends of former Nvidia employee Philip Scholz are keeping his legacy alive by continuing to help those in need. Philip Scholz was killed in a heroic, yet tragic moment when he jumped onto the tracks at the Santa Clara Caltrain Station to help remove a man from the tracks below.
This week Nvidia has partnered with Falcon Northwest to auction off a one-of-a-kind gaming PC on Ebay. The funds gained from the impressive gaming-rig will go towards the The Philip Scholz Memorial Foundation. The charity provides academic scholarship opportunities for children of low-income families, while also promoting outdoor physical activities and a living a positive, and healthy life.
The PC up for auction is custom made, the Nvidia green Falcon Northwest Tiki even has a laser-cut window, to display the innards chosen for the auction. The machine comes with a GTX Titan Black gpu, an Intel Core i7 4770K cpu, an ASUS Maximus z87 mobo, 16GB of GSKILL DDR3 memory, and two 1TB M50 SSDs from Crucial. It’s an impressive machine to say the least, also backed by a full warranty from Falcon Northwest.

We encourage everyone to help promote the auction with their friends and family, and to visit the charity’s website. more info: ebay, philsfoundation

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