Nashville’s Connie Britton steps in for Sharon Stone in Kristen Stewart, Eisenberg comedy ‘American Ultra’

Just as we thought Lionsgate cemented the cast for the upcoming Kristen Stewart/Jesse Eisenberg comedy ‘American Ultra,’ Connie Britton is now replacing Sharon Stone in the film. The action-comedy only recently began shooting, most of which is being done in New Orleans, and reports indicate a scheduling conflict for the last minute change.
Lionsgate paid only $7 million for the distribution rights to the film earlier this year, the project is being directed by Nima Nourizadeh based off a script written by Max Landis.
The film should do rather well, as fans are already accustomed to seeing Stewart and Eisenberg work together. Since the duo’s joint-film ‘Adventureland’ released in 2009 both stars have been on the rise and moved on to larger projects. In the film Eisenberg is a pot-smoking layabout who lives with his girlfriend (played by Kristen Stewart) in a relatively quiet small town. All of that changes when a government agency turns out to be looking for Eisenberg’s character, wishing to activate his ‘sleeper agent’ status.

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