Move over Ryan Gosling, Nicholas Sparks’ next film is ‘The Longest Rides’ and Scott Eastwood aims to melt hearts

Scott Eastwood is kind of the newest boy in town, though he apparently has been a dreamy model for the past few years, he has managed to stay under the radar as well.
Scott-Eastwood-InsertNow all of that is going to change thanks to a new novel to film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ ‘The Longest Ride’. Scott Eastwood is the son of Clint Eastwood, and he will star in the new Fox 2000 adaptation that is being directed by George Tillman Jr.
Yes, you can expect to cry a lot in this novel as well. The story is of a 91-year-old man, who after getting in an accident, suddenly sees his life flash before his eyes as we watch it all play out. This is the first major role for Eastwood, he was chosen to play Luke Collins, the man you will see fall in love with Sophia Danko.
The film is set to release on April 2015, a popular month for Sparks’ work, including the ‘The Notebook’ which premiered in 2004, breaking young girls’ hearts everywhere, and starting the world on a Ryan Gosling kick.

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