Help your kids celebrate the launch of Jim Henson’s Doozers, with the official app

Depending how old you are, you may remember a terrific show named ‘Fraggle Rock,’ and within that show lived the Doozers. This month saw the launch of The Jim Henson Company’s new show based on those adorable little construction-crazed green people. A new app named ‘Doozer Creek,’ which is based on the new animated preschool series, was designed to launch with the premiere of the show on Hulu Kids.
Available now from the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch at, Doozer Creek is designed for children 5 and under, but fans of all ages will enjoy making their own Doozer Creek environment. Players can place characters, vehicles, buildings and other elements from Doozer Creek on a blank playmat and then watch the world come to life! The Doozers work, play, sing, drive and more.
The app includes seven play pieces free to try with additional playsets available for purchase. The playsets each come with a primary character plus a variety of buildings, vehicles and objects from Doozer Creek. Purchase each set for $0.99 or unlock them all for $4.99. The app will be made available soon for Android devices.
“This app provides an introduction to a systems thinking curriculum,” said Anna Jordan-Douglass, Vice President, Digital Development and Interactive Media, of The Jim Henson Company. “The ability to free play is appealing to all ages and users can interact at their own pace.”
As for the show itself, the Doozers are doers – they put their ideas into action. Doozers focuses on four little Doozers, a group of best buds who play together and share a love of inventing. Dubbed ‘the Pod Squad,’ Spike, Moly Bolt, Flex, and Daisy Wheel bounce from one fabulous adventure to the next engaging in exciting projects and having a blast playing together. Doozers know being a kid is a big job. Playing is how Doozer kids (and adults) practice imagination, communication, ingenuity and problem solving. The educational mission for Doozers is to inspire preschoolers’ inventive nature through play
For more information on Doozers, including where to watch, visit Or checkout the app for yourself at

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