Marvel to kill Wolverine, in ‘The Death of Wolverine’ comic-series

Comic-book fans have been down this road before, the death of a titan, the killing off of a character as gigantic as Superman, Batman or in this case, Wolverine. In an upcoming series-event, Marvel’s popular X-Men favorite will not survive. The story-arch is scheduled to come out in September, the death of Wolverine will occur in a four-issue mini-series named “Death of Wolverine.”
In the new issues, the series will push the storyline of Wolverine losing his powers to self-heal, and a new story-arch will take over called, “3 Months To Die.” Written by Charles Soule, the series is sure to rocket up the charts and be a solid topic of discussion around the internet and in stores. The illustrator chosen is Steve McNiven.
How Wolverine will meet his end remains a secret, editor Mike Marts said that, “he finally comes up against an adversary he cannot win against, he cannot fight.” Soule stated, “He’s reflecting on his own life as he’s reflecting on his own death,” adding, “We wanted to have the reader do that at the same time.”
As you can imagine everything is being carefully guarded at this time, but the ‘Death of Wolverine” hits stores on September 3, the last issue will land on September 24.

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