Facebook’s new Newswire in action, a horse carriage accident promotes PETA to the front lines of the news in an instant

Over the past few weeks here in New York City, our long-standing tradition of carriage-horses has become a hot-button issue. On one hand you have celebrities and NYC residents like Liam Neeson supporting the tradition, while animal rights groups call the industry outdated and dangerous to the horses. With all of the protests and interviews on the subject happening around the city, today’s events show that one social-media post can change everything. Facebook unveiled its Newswire earlier today, and one of the fastest growing stories in our tri-state area is an accident revolving around the very same horse carriages.
As the issue becomes more and more volatile, today in NYC a horse reportedly fell and the carriage it was pulling was flipped over. In this accident, just outside of Central Park in New York City, bystanders and activists saw what could happen to the horses first-hand. A spokesperson from the horse and carriage association said the wheel of the carriage struck another wheel on a neighboring carriage, causing the accident. This according to PETA’s post on the subject.

PETA quickly uploaded the video, shot on the seen to their Facebook page, using it as a prime example of why they believe the industry needs to be removed from NYC, or replaced by electric carriages. PETA is holding an “Emergency protest” 1PM ET today following the incident. The news was quickly picked up and verified by Facebook’s new service and is now trending statewide. It is interesting to see how the event unfolds with the new service and what it means for other social-activists and news-reports going forward on the popular social-media site.

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