Facebook Newswire hopes to turn journalists daily routine, into their daily source

Most people run the gamut of checking emails, social-media, RSS Feeds and notifications when they wake up or get to the office. Now a new service from Facebook wants you to check-in more often, and be your go-to source for news. Twitter has established itself as both an instant updater for breaking news, and an often times inaccurate source of information.
Facebook is hoping to edge itself into the news business with FB Newswire, a new page made by the company that will offer both journalist-verified news, and articles that were chosen from Facebook employees.Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp, said, “Storyful is bringing traditional journalistic values to contemporary video, separating the substantial from the superficial and the real from the fake. It has set a benchmark for the authentication of user-generated content and is becoming increasingly adept at monetizing that content.”
Andy Mitchell, Facebook’s Director of News and Global Media Partnerships, said, “In Storyful, we’re excited to have found a partner with a track record of understanding both the potential of the social web as a key resource for media as well as the tools that newsrooms need to utilize it. We’re confident that their news expertise and best-in-class editorial team will help make it even easier for journalists to use compelling social content from Facebook in their newsgathering and reporting.”
Added Aine Kerr, Managing Editor of Storyful, “We believe this new Newswire will prove Facebook is both an origin and a destination for news and can showcase Storyful’s ability to surface real time stories from around the world. Storyful’s discovery technology and expert journalists will bring a new layer of verification, expert curation and community engagement to content on the platform.”
This service is really for journalists or editors, but anyone can use it, how well it will be adopted into journalists daily-routine remains to be seen. More information on the service and how it working at this point can be found on Facebook.com

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