HBO and BBC have teamed up to produce a new miniseries based on the novel from J.K. Rowling Casual Vacancy. The popular author of the Harry Potter universe signed-off on the miniseries event with BBC and HBO earlier this year, the television adaptation will become a three-hour miniseries event.
If you have yet to read The Casual Vacancy, the book was Rowling’s departure from her world-famous wizards, focusing instead on the town of Pagford. Past the seemingly pleasant facade of the small town lies terrible secrets of anger and frustration. Rowling herself has joined the project as an executive producer. Fans of Rowling’s will have long wait ahead of them for the series-event, which won’t begin production until the summer. The location for principal photography will be in South West England.
More information on casting and other production notes will be made available as the series moves further along in production. The Casual Vacancy was J.K. Rowling’s first novel for adults, the book itself did amazingly well, selling over six million copies worldwide since 2012. More information on the original novel can be found on