Apple launches beta sign-ups for OS X Seed Program

If you love being on the cutting edge of technology, and can handle a few bugs in your computer’s OS, then you should head over to the Apple website and signup to be one of the beta testers for the new OS X platform.
Apple opened a new page on the company’s site to allow people to signup for the new version, usually these types of tests are reserved for developers but this one is opened to all. The new OS X Beta Seed Program began to allow ‘regular’ users to take a crack at squashing bugs and giving feedback on new features or designs.
You will need an Apple ID to signup, and there is a very strongly worded Non-Disclosure Agreement that comes with joining the program. As always we must recommend that users not try testing a new OS on a computer that you rely on everyday. There will be bugs, and each testing phase comes with a real risk of losing your information. If you are up to the task of being a bug-killer, then signup below and we hope you get the reference.
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