Watch the first five minutes of How to Train Your Dragon 2 in this Wondercon released trailer

While the adult world is still living in the world of Knights and Dragons from ‘Game of Thrones,’ Dreamworks is busy showing off their much more kid-friendly version of the magical time period with the first ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ trailer.
Earlier today, Monday, the studio released the trailer onto YouTube for all to enjoy. Fans were shown the same clip at Wondercon over the weekend, and now you can watch the film’s first five minutes ahead of the film’s premiere date on June 13, 2014. This marks the second installment to the popular Vikings and Dragons franchise. In the first trailer the lead character Hiccup reminds viewers that, “Dragons used to be a bit of a problem, but that was five years ago.”

“Now they’ve all moved in, and really, why wouldn’t they? We have custom stables, all-you-can-eat feeding stations, a full-service dragon launch, even top-of-the-line fire prevention if I do say so myself.” Both Hiccup and Toothless have grown since we have seen them. In the film Hiccup meets a new Dragon Rider, who she claims is Hiccup’s estranged mother. You can watch the earlier trailer below.


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