Watch the new ‘Batman Beyond’ trailer released by Warner Bros at Wondercon

Just like the company did with Superman, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are throwing a 75-year anniversary for the Caped Crusader. Batman made his debut in 1939 in DC’s “Detective Comics No. 27,” and while celebrating the milestone DC released this trailer for the upcoming animated series “Batman Beyond.”
There will be a lot of tie-ins with the original animated series ‘Batman Beyond’ from 1999, and this new series set to start in 2014. There will be an older Bruce Wayne, teaching his apprentice Terry McGinnis how to become and continue the Batman legacy. Darwyn Cooke is taking the lead on the new project, and both Kevin Conroy and Will Friedle will return to their roles as the voices of Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis, respectively.

Fans can catch the series on Wednesday only on Cartoon Network, to give it the best lead-in possible for new viewers, it will after “Teen Titans.”

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