Billy Crystal talks about losing his parents, and the importance of ‘700 Sundays’

Matt Lauer spoke with comedian, writer and actor Billy Crystal about his new project, ‘700 Sundays,’ premiering tonight on NBC. In the personal interview, Billy spoke with Lauer about the loss of his parents, a topic that is covered in the new HBO special, which is a TV version of his Tony-winning stage show.
‘700 Sundays’ refers to the number of Sundays he had with his dad, and his father’s death is a pivotal scene in the special. “That’s the strength of the show,” he told Matt. “At the end when I come to grips with that and say, ‘yeah it wasn’t a lot, but look what I got in the short period of time we got together.’”

Billy spoke about where he’d like the special to fall in terms of his legacy, saying, “To me it’s at the top. It’s a total expression of things, Matt. It’s not only my story, it becomes everybody’s story. And I honor my parents every night.”

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