A new book from Hillary Rodham Clinton finally has a title, now called “Hard Choices,” the new publication will look back on Hillary’s career, as the world waits to see if she will run in the 2016 election.
Publishing the new book will be Simon & Schuster, and the AP reports that the book will be released on June 10 of this year. In the beginning of the new book Clinton writes about the title’s significance stating, “All of us face hard choices in our lives,” adding, “Life is about making these choices, and how we handle them shapes the people we become.”
According to the publisher’s statements about the book on their site, both Clinton and Obama “had to decide how to repair fractured alliances, wind down two wars, and address a global financial crisis. They faced a rising competitor in China, growing threats from Iran and North Korea, and revolutions across the Middle East.”
The book will touch on US foreign policy, including US relations with Afghanistan and Pakistan during the search for the previously number-one terrorist threat Osama bin Laden.
Also featured are Clinton’s time as secretary of state, having visited one-hundred and twenty-one countries in her short time in that role. The book will chronicle her efforts to raise awareness for human-rights across the globe, including her work in the LGBT communities.
Clinton released her memoir in 2003 called “Living History,” which sold more than a million copies and came with an intense publicity tour. This book will most likely see the same treatment.
more info and pre-order: amazon.com/hardchoices