Louie C.K. is back with his hit show ‘Louie’ next month, here is the first trailer

Fans of the incredibly popular FX series ‘Louie’ have been waiting a long time for the new season, thankfully all of that waiting is coming to an end. The show will return with a new season and May and fans can watch the first trailer for the series thanks to a clip uploaded from FX on YouTube.
Just like the season before it, the show borrows some material from Louie’s standup act, this time around it’s his thoughts on visiting the doctor at an older age. Since the break the standup comedian has been touring, hosting Saturday Night Live and getting a new standup special together. Fans only have a few more weeks left to wait, the new season of Louie C.K. is set to return on May 5, 2014. You can checkout the first trailer for the series below.


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