Amazon cuts prices on Kindle Fire HD and HDX for a Mother’s day treat

If you are looking to surprise mom, a friend, or significant other for Mother’s day then you might want to check out Amazon this week. The online retail giant has cut the prices on a number of Kindle Fire tablets, including the Kindle Fire HDX.
Kindle-Paperweight-InsertThe promotion won’t last forever but if you order now/soon then you can choose between the Kindle Fire HD 16 GB, which is cut from $169 to $129, the brand new Kindle Fire HDX, which was cut from $229 to $199, or Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ from $379 now just $339.
These are just the tablets, there are also huge savings on everything else related to Mother’s Day on the popular website.
The world’s most popular e-Reader, the Kindle Paperwhite can be picked up for $119 and $189, depending on if you need 3G or not. You can checkout these deals and thousands more like it on Amazon’s official website below.
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