Titanfall DLC expansion ‘Expedition’ adds new game-modes and new cards

Respawn has announced the first DLC expansion for their hit FPS ‘Titanfall,’ the news came from the panel at PAX East 2014 earlier this afternoon. With the new DLC you will get new maps, those will be part of the “Expedition” DLC launching in May.
This DLC offering will include three-maps, a new Swampland,” one called “Runoff,” and finally “War Games,” which is a new area that will work within the ‘training simulator’. Now that “Expedition” has been announced, this leaves two more DLC packs for season-pass holders to claim without further payment. The DLC packs will cost $10 each, the season pass costs $25, so you can save $5 in the process.
Different from the DLC map-packs are the new game-modes, which Respawn has stated in the past will be free to enjoy. A few of the details on those modes were announced today,m including a ‘2v2 Last Titan Standing’.
The titans themselves will be getting a few upgrades over the coming weeks, including new burn cards and new Titan insignias to decorate your robot-buddy and make them more personal. A hashtags system, for filtering out private games, is also in the works. Respawn also hinted at “rifts,” will bring various setting changes to a few of the existing game-modes making them available to players.
As for the DLC that was announced, the company describes the content: “In the wake of the Battle of Demeter, IMC Expeditionary Forces travel deep into Frontier space to recover from their recent defeat. On an uncharted world, the IMC begin construction of a new fleet operations base, using newly acquired water collection and filtration plants to support the new base. When drainage operations reveal ancient ruins and artifacts of an unknown origin in a nearby swamp, Spyglass activates an archaeological team to investigate the site. To maintain battle readiness at the new base, IMC Pilots use simulation pods to train for anticipated Militia raids, based on lessons learned in Angel City and IMC Airbase Sierra.”
If all of this sounds a little vague, it is, and that’s how Respawn is making these announcements. More information will be offered as the patches and updates are finalized and tested.

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