Anne Hathaway, Jay Baruchel’s comedy-drama ‘Don Peyote’ gets a trailer

The upcoming film ‘Don Peyote’ released a new trailer this afternoon. The project stars Anne Hathaway, Annabella Sciorra and Jay Baruchel. This marks the first theatrical trailer for the film. In DON PEYOTE moviegoers will learn the life of Warren Allman. Young, unemployed and a bit of a stoner, he meets a homeless man that is preaching that the world will soon come to an end.
After this encounter Warren begins to have horrid dreams of the world ending, he starts to realize that the 2012 doomsday theories could be true. Then he sets out to make a documentary on the subject while his fiance is busy planning their wedding. Michael Canzoniero and Dan Fogler directed the film, which they both co-wrote.

The film is completed but has not been given a release date at this time.

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