Follow trending subreddits on Reddit at a glance

Reddit is a treasure trove of user-submitted content, that’s not new, but finding subreddits can be difficult for a new user. That’s all changed thanks to a new layout hidden away under Reddit’s front-page navigational system. The sponsored link system is still in place, but just underneath that top blue post is a new feature called “trending subreddits”.
A well-experienced user may have all the ins-and-outs saved to their custom app-skin or with the built-in system used to keep tabs on their favorite subreddits, but now anyone can find the rising topics of the day. At the time this article was written the rising subs were /r/oddlysatisfying, /r/JapaneseGameShows, /r/smashbros. /r/minimalism, /r/gameofthrones.
Just those topics alone gives a great example of the variety that the popular website offers every single day. There are thousands of subreddits, ranging from the fanclub to the horrifying, and even the illegal make their way onto the site before they are found and shut down by the mighty community.
The new system shows the trending subs, based on users and submissions, it does not display the top five subs (which barely ever change). If you were hoping to know the exact algorithm used to decide the rising tides, that is being kept a secret by Reddit. Probably so users don’t take advantage of the system to promote their favorite subs.

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