Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton pic ‘The Other Woman’ dodges R rating

Cameron Diaz was in California earlier this month to defend FOX Studio’s case that ‘The Other Woman’ should not be getting an ‘R’ rating. Today the Classification and Rating Appeals Board overturned their original R rating for the film, instead giving the film the Hollywood gold-star, or ‘PG-13’ rating.
‘The Other Woman’ is a romantic comedy, starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and new-comer to the bigscreen Kate Upton. Under Nicholas Cassavetes, the film hasn’t been promoting any over-the-top sexual scenes that would imply an R rating, even Kate Upton’s bikini-heavy beach scene was on the safe-side of adult comedies for the trailer.
In any case the first round judgement gave the film an R rating, not as chastising as the dreaded NC-17 rating but still limiting the studio’s audience enough to warrant Diaz to make a special trip to the appeals hearing today with 20th Century Fox president of production Emma Watts. In the end the two won their case, and now the film will bow with the PG-13 rating on April 25, allowing more teens and to check out the film.

In the film the three women are tied together to one unfaithful man, they team up to plot their revenge and as you can imagine there is all sorts of hijinks and hilarious mishaps. FOX didn’t state if the studio had to cut anything out of the film, ‘unrated versions’ are very popular when films hit VOD or Blu Ray, and having Kate Upton on the cover with “Unrated” above her name will probably help to sell quite a few copies, regardless if any of the added footage involves her at all.

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