Hiccup and Toothless together again in ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ trailer

Five years after the original story of ‘How to Train Your Dragon,’ the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless the dragon has never seemed better. The duo are both returning for the new film, a direct sequel from the original blockbuster.
Returning to the cast is Jay Baruchel, who will once again voice Hiccup, but this time the character takes on a more mature yet still daydreaming version of the original character we saw in 2010. He is also a bit of a looker now, in the teen-idol kind of way. The trailer shows more of Hiccup’s family, but more mysterious is the island of dragons that is teased in the new clip.
The film will introduce Hiccup’s mother, named Valka, she is voiced by wonderful Cate Blanchett. Coming back again is Gerard Butler as Hiccup’s father, and America Ferrera and Jonah Hill will return as Astrid and Snotlout, to complete the cast.

As for the Night Fury dragon Toothless, things still look to be going great. Though with a new film comes new dangers, and children and adults everywhere will most likely be cheering for the young friends all over again when the film releases on June 13.

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