The upcoming indie-film by Zach Braff called ‘I Wish I was Here’ has released the film’s first trailer. The project began on Kickstarter, where it raised over $3 million dollars to shoot the movie, which was then shopped at Sundance and picked up by Focus Features. The film earner great reviews at Sundance when it was shown last January, but since then we haven’t heard too much about the project.
Fans that are awaiting the film’s release still have to wait until July to see the movie, a concern that grew to agitate the original backers of the fil. Those backers did not get to see the film’s premiere, and have yet to see the movie even though Focus paid $2.75 million dollars to distribute it. Kickstarter projects like this one, ‘Veronica Mars’ and even tech startups like ‘Oculus Rift’ are starting to show the downside of backing projects online, which allow studios and startups the chance to get rich, while backers get prizes.

A few backers that paid over $100 will get advanced screenings at some point, the fact that press and other members of the Sundance crowd got to see the film that backers paid for, and that the studio is profiting from, is a small wrinkle that Kickstarter projects will have to iron-out moving forward.