Modern Style: Geneva XXL Maximum sound, minimalist perspective

As an introduction to our first Modern Style installment, it’s probably best to clarify the purpose of these articles. With technology merging with fashion, becoming a more predominant fixture in our everyday lives, we thought it would be essential that we point out the designs that we feel are progressing their industry as a whole. Future updates to this section can include new wearables, forward thinking mobile-devices or even retro-fitted new-tech offerings, any device that offers something more than just their specs show on paper.
We have covered Geneva products in the past, and while we loved the sound and function from these devices, we wanted to instead talk about the style that the company has put forth over the last few years, specifically with the Geneva XXL.
Simplistic and efficient are two words that continue to describe Geneva products, the company tends to stick to the classic ‘piano lacquered’ housing for all of its devices, and the XXL model is no exception. Designed to be more invisible than standard entertainment systems, home theater or high-fidelity music systems, the XXL offers customers a chance to merge the device into almost any living-room floor plan.
High-gloss fixtures outfitted with chrome highlights are often the characteristics of modern-design, and the XXL uses these points to create a highly functional audio-system, that also requires minimal effort to blend into the cabinet’s surroundings.
With the dimensions (47.3” × 20.1” × 21.5”) and coming in at 110 pounds, the unit should easily take up the least amount of space in your home, when comparing it to similar products. The XXL combines dozens of devices, cables, inputs and fixtures, and creates a simple, minimalistic housing that disappears with ease.
Inside the device is a seven speaker hi-fidelity unit, outfitted to take advantage of a wide-array of wireless solutions including AirPlay and Bluetooth. Just by opening the front-facing panel, you can see how well the unit houses the seven channel 589-watt amplifier, the five different acoustic chambers, and an incredibly powerful 8” subwoofer.
To the right of this configuration there is an easy to access media center, it’s a nice addition to the unit, and the adjustable shelves offer a simple solution to organizing components, media and other devices. All of these storage solutions are quickly hidden with the panel’s front-facing cover.
Here in New York “small, powerful and simple” are all key components when dedicating any of our square-feet to electronics. Inch-per-inch our floors are some of the most expensive real-estate on the market, and we are constantly looking for better uses for our space.
As with any choice in modern-style there are a few rules that you will want to follow, in order to keep your devices from looking out of touch over the next few years. The dominating example of this was the 1980s, when electronics quickly began filling our living rooms. Dark-tinted glass, fixed to either black or silver painted wood became a prominent design for that decade, making the modern style of the 1980s anything but modern when the 90s came about.
Acrylic, or in this case piano-lacquered wood, are among the safest options when buying a focal point of this price. Starting about the 1960s and 1970s, the high-gloss options have remained a standard example of modern-style, that seems to do well over time. Although the bright colors or rounded corners of the previous decades hasn’t held up as well, Geneva offers some very safe-bets when choosing their models.
Although the white option is my personal choice for modern style, the company does offer red, white, and black finishes to compliment your home. Overall The XXL is one of the finest examples of minimalism used in such a constant fixture in our homes. Too often we rely on entertainment systems that fail to offer the same high functions as the XXL, and that also fail to hide the unsightly connections and facings that our devices come with.
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