Felony charges are issued after stalker once again tries to intercept Selena Gomez at home

Selena-Gomez-InsertAfter the latest incident, the stalker of Selena Gomez will now face felony charges after refusing to obey the court’s previous rulings. The alleged stalker, 20 year-old Che Cruz, has now been charged with a felony, after he violated the court’s previous orders to stay away from 21 year-old Gomez.
Cruz was arrested twice last week according to the AP, both times for harassing Selena Gomez. According to reports, Cruz was released from jail after his first arrest, then after failing to stay-away from Gomez was arrested again.
It took just a few days for Cruz, who was first convicted of unlawfully entering Gomez’s home, to bump his charges into a felony case. This wasn’t a simple trespassing incident, Gomez was also reportedly home during the first home-intrusion. Then on Friday, when Cruz was released from jail, he was put on probation and sentenced to up to 45 days in prison
That did not stop Cruz, who then jumped a fence at Gomez’s Calabasas home just hours after he was released. With the new charges, Cruz could face up to four years in prison.

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