The Elder Scrolls Online introduces “Craglorn” the first content addition to the MMO

Even though most fans are just now getting comfortable with all of the new features and places of ‘The Elder Scrolls Online,’ a new content update will expand the game. Called “Craglorn,” the update will be made available to all players by the end of this month if everything goes according to plan.
ZeniMax Online Media just released the MMO based on the popular Elder Scrolls franchise a few days ago, but the update is being rolled out just as the game is heating up. The new content is part of an “Adventure Zone,” and the addition is made for group play, including parties of four or twelve players. The content will be come available when a player hits the Veteran Rank of ten. Also available at that time are the Trials, a “large-group veteran PvE system,” says Creative Director Paul Sage who is featured in the video announcement below.

All of the details on the new content are not being released at this time, but the teases and descriptions given in the trailer point to new abilities, perks and skill-trees with the use of ‘Constellations’ just like they were used in Skyrim. More information and exact details will be released in the coming weeks.

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