Horror film ‘Somnia’ picked up by Relativity Media, starring Kate Bosworth

kATE-bOSWORTHA new horror-film starring Kate Bosworth is headed to your local cinema thanks to Relativity Media, the company has just purchased the domestic distribution rights for the project. The film, directed by Mike Flanagan, will feature Kate Bosworth, Thomas Jane, Annabeth Gish and young Jacob Tremblay.
The film has already begun production, that started at the end of last year and is getting more attention as another RM film prepares to hit the theaters. Somnia was being shopped around just as Flanagan’s latest horror-film ‘Oculus’ is getting ready to premiere. Relativity is also handling distribution on “Oculus,” that film stars Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan and will premiere on April 11.
Written by Flanagan and Jeff Howard, Somnia is the story of a young boy who has the uncontrollable power to manifest horrors and spirits while sleeping. More information on the cast, release date and trailers will be released as Somnia wraps up post-production.

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