Pretty Little Liars season five picks up ‘Carrie Diaries’ star Chloe Bridges

Jumping from one successful series to another, Chloe Bridges has been confirmed as a new cast-member for the fifth season of ABC’s runaway hit ‘Pretty Little Liars’. Bridges isn’t a full-on regular of the series at this point, but has signed on as a recurring role that will no doubt stir-the-pot with our favorite characters.
chloe-bridges-insertMost fans will remember Bridges from her work on the CW’s The Carrie Diaries, where she played the role of Donna Ladonna but the actor has an increasingly impressive list of TV and Films on her resume. THR was the first to announce the casting, we now know that on Pretty Little Liars Bridges will play Sydney Driscoll, an attractive new addition to the swim team.
While joining the team Bridges makes friends with Emily (played by Shay Mitchell) but of course all of the scandals and secrets of the new character are being closely guarded. As of right now the series will introduce the new character on the third episode when the series returns for season five in the summer.
No stranger to popular series series, the actor has taken on roles in The New Girl, Suburgatory, 90210 and other hit YA shows while balancing out a future in feature films. With Ravenswood canceled ABC Family can focus more on PLL, which has been dominating social-media and capturing fans’ interests with big-reveals and tragic twists. The new season of Pretty Little Liars will premiere on June 10.

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