Mandy Moore is coming to CBS with a new pilot for ‘Good Season’

If there is one child-star that grew-up rather perfectly, its Mandy Moore. The former pop-princess and current successful actor is coming to a new series on CBS called ‘Good Season’.
Mandy-Moore-InsertIn the series Moore will take on the female lead, she will be co-starring with James Roday in the single-camera pilot that will head to shooting this year. The comedy will be written by John Hamburg and Matt Miller.
Working double duty, Hamburg will also be directing the pilot. The story involves the relationship of Joel (Roday) and Lindsay (Moore), a typical happy couple that are seeing a therapist (played by the brilliant Tracey Ullman) to see if they are ready for a baby.
It is during these therapy sessions that the couple realizes that they aren’t so perfect after all, and they have a few non-baby related issues that they need to workout. Moore will play career-focused and high-strung Lindsay, while struggling with the possibility that becoming pregnant might derail her from her career path.

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