Topher Grace joins Kristen Stewart, Jessie Eisenberg in ‘American Ultra’

Another casting decision has been made for the upcoming Lionsgate film ‘American Ultra’. Actor Topher Grace will join the new action-comedy production, which already has landed Jessie Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Uma Thurman and Walton Goggins.
Topher-Grace-InsertThe film quickly became a big-ticket item for Lionsgate, who bought the U.S. distribution rights for $7 million shortly after the Berlin Film Festival. Directing the film will be Nima Nourizadeh from Project X, and the script was written by Max Landis.
In the film Eisenberg’s character is a small-town stoner with not much going on in his life other than his girlfriend (played by Kristen Stewart). All of that changes of course when elements of his past finally catch up to him in his small-town life, and the government is set on eliminating him.
Hot on his heels will be Topher Grace, set to play a CIA agent that is hotheaded and eager to use his power to takeout Eisenberg and his girlfriend, in one of his largest cases yet.

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