New updates from Apple improve iWork across iOS and OS X

A new update has improved the iWork suite, offering more support for Microsoft Office documents and making it easier to share and save documents on the cloud. This update goes into effect for Pages, Numbers and Keynote applications on both platforms.
One feature that users have often asked for in the past on Apple-forums is a “view-only” option for sending files, much like most PDF files are used today. The basic rules still apply to the new system, now users can send a form or file and disable the receiver from editing the file.
One of the biggest changes to iOS this month was the inclusion of Microsoft Office to the iOS platform. Now that the application is running on iOS, things are getting easier for users that switch between Office and Pages.
Simple changes like password-protected files can now be saved in either a Pages, or Microsoft Office format, while keeping the same formatting and security. More subtle changes include the ability to export files so that they work seamlessly with the new Microsoft 365.
If you use Keynote or Pages in Desktop mode there are new tools and templates available to you as well, including an easier system for editing images. Keynote’s iOS version added a simple remote while in presentation mode.
You can read the exact layout and full-list of features and changes on Apple’s official site.

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