First look at Martin Freeman, in his new role in Fargo on FX

The 1996 Coen Brothers’ film ‘Fargo’ made some lasting memories with viewers, and the new series-adaptation looks to be just as wonderful. FX has now released the first video from the series, which not only gives you a look at the show, but the cast and crew talk about the new show as well.
Featured as one of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ crew is show runner Noah Hawley, who talks about keeping the cinematic vision of the film alice on the small-screen. “This show is about what happens when a civilized man meets a very uncivilized man, and it was our hope that we would create a cast that was a movie cast and not a television cast,” Hawley states in the clip. “We’re making a 10-hour movie.”

Martin Freeman is set to lead the series, hot off his domination in ‘Hobbit’ series and on ‘Sherlock,” already conquering the small-screen and online viewing. You can add to that cast Billy Bob Thornton and Oliver Platt.)

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