Not just a passing trend, 4K gaming and videos are quickly becoming a standard in their industries. With YouTube, NVIDIA, Sony and top publishers throwing their support behind the technology, it won’t be long before they will become the new norm for display manufacturers.
Up until now the real drawback has been the price, and while the monitors (and definitely the HDTVs) are still on the higher end of the spectrum, the 4K Monitor from Samsung is a low-cost option that you can pick up in just a few weeks.
The new “Ultra-high resolution” gets its name from being 4 times greater than Full HD, boasting up to 8 million pixels and 1 billion colors. Samsung turned heads at CES when it debuted the “Picture-in-Picture 2.0 technology” that allows users to watch videos at 100% resolution within the same screen, allowing you to connect two PCs to the same monitor and see both screens in one.
The price has been jumping from $700 to $750, depending on where it is available. Most likely it will be hard to track-down if you live in a major metropolitan area, but you can pre-order one on Amazon starting today.
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