After almost a decade of working together, Chelsea Handler seems to have had E!nough of her show’s network. Handler has never been shy about expressing her opinions regarding E!, now it seems that Handler will finally be moving out. With the show’s end in sight, it’s unclear if her show will continue, or if Handler will leave the talk-show business behind.
The show in question “Chelsea Lately,” has been on the E! network for eight-years now. The show is a steady supplier of young-adult viewers, and has done consistently well in its time-slot, though fading slightly from last year at the time of Chelsea’s big book tours.
Suspicions that Handler would not continue her contract with E!, a contract that expires at the end of the year, have been brewing for some time now. On her show, on Howard Stern or during her standup acts, Handler has never held-back her true feelings about the pop-culture, and reality show network.
It always was an odd paring, but Handler was the perfect contrast for everything else the network put forth, from a string of Kardashian series, to Justin Bieber specials, Handler balanced everything out better than anyone could.
Recent rumors have handler hosting her own radio program, or even moving to a new show on a new network.