Ronimo and Two Tribes have confirmed that they will bring ‘Swords & Soldiers HD’ to the Wii U, while Swords & Soldiers 2 is also on the way.
Swords & Soldiers was fellow Dutch developer Ronimo Games’ debut Wii game. It became one of the early indie classics on the system and stands the test of time extremely well. The game will bring an updated version to the classic Swords & Soldiers gameplay experience.
The game will be playable with custom touch scheme on GamePad, also allowing gamers to play with the Wii remote on TV. This will also allow a multiplayer mode, that will combine the gamepad and regular TV gameplay. New High res HD graphics will be added to the game as well, with a drastic improvement over the original SD Wii release. The HD version is expected to release by the end of April / Early May at a low “introduction price” that will be announced later.