There will be a new installment to the American-classic ‘Gone with the Wind,’ but it won’t focus on the famous Georgian household that swept America originally. Over 75-years ago the original novel was written by Margaret Mitchell, that novel eventually became one of the most critically acclaimed films of its time. The new novel, will focus on the family-owned slave Mammy, and is scheduled to release in October.
The book will be called “Ruth’s Journey,” telling of the fictional life and trials of ‘Mammy,’ who wasn’t given a name in the novel or the film. The story takes place in 1804 and follows Ruth from her birthplace, the French colony of Saint-Domingue, to Savannah, Georgia.
As for the rights the Mitchell estate will allow Donald McCaig, who also wrote one of the two-known “Gone With the Wind” sequels called “Rhett Butler’s People,” back in 2007 to write the new novel. McCaig is also known for “Jacob’s Ladder,” a Civil War novel published in 1998.
Atria Book acquired the rights to the new book. The only other authorized sequel was “Scarlett” written by Alexandra Ripley back in 1991. Neither did as well as the original “Gone With the Wind” which won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1937.
“It was Donald’s idea, instead of doing another sequel, to go backwards,” Peter Borland, the editorial director of Atria, said. “He felt that Mammy was such a fascinating and crucial character to the book. He wanted to flesh out a story of her own.”