The tech-world was in for quite a shock this evening, Facebook has confirmed that the company is in final preparations to purchase ‘Oculus Rift,’ the newly developing VR tech company, for $2 Billion.
Now Mark Zuckerberg is following up his ‘Whatsapp’ buy with another big acquisition, virtual reality company Oculus VR who only recently started finalizing a production schedule on a larger scale. The total sale is estimated at $2 billion in both stock and cash offerings.
Anticipating some backlash over the deal, the Oculus team released a statement, stating that it believes Facebook, “understands the potential for VR” and that selling to the social-media colossus is in the company’s and consumer’s best interest. Zuckerberg called the VR tech the future of computer platforms, and that Facebook is already prepared to invest more money into advertising on the platform (yay?).
Obviously during an investor’s call this would be a positive note, but to some the news may seem kind of disappointing that the VR company sold so quickly, after starting as a humble Kickstarter campaign, that rose to greatness on the backs of consumers themselves.