If she isn’t turning heads at the ‘Divergent’ premiere, starting her own clothing line or cracking jokes with Adam Sandler for his new comedy, Bella Thorne is usually planning her next big move. The real-life Disney princess will star in the new horror film reboot of Amityville Horror.
The book has been made time and time again into films and television specials since its first publication back in the 1970s, but most fans probably remember the Ryan Reynolds and Chloƫ Moretz film made in 2005.
Well now the popular redhead will be part of a new take on the classic, as she plays the young daughter of a single mom that moves into the infamous Amityville house.

Shooting is expected to begin in mid-spring 2014, and you can get your first look at Bella’s character thanks to her makeup tests shot this week. The film itself is being planned for January 2015.