On Sunday fans of ‘The Good Wife’ found themselves in shock when a sudden twist changed the storyline forever. If you haven’t watched it yet, just turn off all social-media and don’t answer your phone and finish watching it before you ready on.
With that out of the way, Josh Charles went on Letterman (airing tonight) to talk about the events from Sunday’s episode of the THE GOOD WIFE.
If you haven’t been playing along, Josh Charles made the decision to exit the critically-acclaimed CBS drama series and reaches out to dans from the DAVID LETTERMAN show, airing tonight , March 24 (11:35 PM-12:37 AM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.
Joking with Letterman Charles said that the shocking twist was just to finally meet Letterman, “That’s what you gotta do to get on the Letterman show. I had to do that, I had to get killed off to get on your show.”
Even though we were shocked, Charles and cast has known for sometime now. “Yeah, we’ve known this since last year. It’s been one of the greatest gigs for me in my entire career, but at the end of last year, my contract was up and I was just ready to kind of move on…” said Gardner.
“Well, I could just tell you that I think what we decided last year was to come back and do these 15 this year, which I think really was great for the show and also was a really proper goodbye to the character, so that was special” Charles told Letterman. Adding, “It is kind of amazing. We’ve been able to keep it a secret for an entire year…Yeah, I told some family members that I know could keep a secret, which is a very few.”
CBS managed to keep the surprise a secret, which is a rarity these days. You can catch the full interview with Charles tonight on CBS.