An odd headline is making its way across the internet involving TV personality and Judge, Joe Brown. The former TV court Judge has been reportedly arrested in Memphis, this according to a local news station in the area.
That station was WREG Memphis, now reporting that the arrest took place a Juvenile Court earlier today. In this court preceding, where Judge Joe Brown was representing a client in a child support case, Brown became outraged and verbally abusive when the local courts told Brown that there was no record of the case in question.
After this outburst, Brown was given three days in jail for contempt of court. Reports indicate that Juvenile Court Magistrate Harold Horne warned Brown to calm down several times before the order to arrest Brown was issued.
It was just last year that CBS canceled Brown’s court show, it was on the network for 15 years. All of this comes as Brown is attempting to run for Shelby County District Attorney against Amy Weirich.