Apple has added NPR to the company’s iTunes Radio service, the station will offer a 24-hour news service to help bolster the use of the new application. The lineup will include both live news and a few segments that are pre-recorded from NPR’s extensive lineup of programs.
Speaking to Recorde Zach Brand, NPR VP of digital media stated, “The public radio audience is very digital savvy, but there are certainly some of the millennials and other folks who are looking for their listening experience exclusively on digital.” Brand went on to say, “So we want to reach them wherever they are.”
Apple only recently launched iTunes Radio, the service became part of Apple’s standard offerings when the company released iOS 7. The service works like many other music-streaming services, offering playlists based on songs, albums, artists or similar tracks.
No exact date was given when NPR will become available, though you can probably bet on an advertisement to direct you to the station on iTunes the moment it goes live.